Donald Herrick

2 months ago
Dr Yew is an outstanding dentist. He has an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge in the field of dentistry, his technique has been perfected with experience, he uses the latest of modern equipment, and he takes great pride in his work. I especially like the fact that he explains every procedure before it begins so I understand what we're doing, why we're doing it, and what to expect as we proceed. I say "we" because he really does make his patients feel like they are a partner in the process. I don't think anyone could find a better dentist.

Lucy Chen

4 months ago
Being as a patient who always feel nervous visiting the dentists, Dove Dentistry gave me a totally relaxed experience, from the front desk staff to the doctor. Dr. Yew made me feel like a family member of him, and explained my conditions patiently and in a way that will not make you more nervous. He only suggest you to do what you really need and necessarily need, unlike some other doctor just encourage you doing whatever can make profit. Despite the peaceful environment of the dentistry and the kindness of the staff, Dr. Yew showed me his expertise and solid knowledge and skills. Meanwhile, he also made me relaxed during the procedure by chatting with me on some casual topics that I feel interested. I will definitely recommend Dove dentistry to my families and friends!

Isaac Joh
4 weeks ago
Really nice doctor. He took the time to explain things so I could understand. I came here for a second opinion and his treatment plan was so much more conservative than Monarch Dental, where they seemed to just want to put a crown on every little thing. Dr Yew wasn't pushy and seems so trustworthy, which is very rare.

crystal fogle

a month ago
Dr. Yew is wonderful! He is great with my children and both he and Danielle make us all feel comfortable. I love the time he makes to explain everything to insure I understand. They are a great team providing excellent customer service and dental work. I would highly recommend them!

Eunwoo Kim
4 months ago
I highly recommend Dove dentistry to everyone for top best quality dental care for both children and adults. Dr. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional providing the best quality of service with high standard, so as his team. Furthermore he is a master in handling little kids and knows how to make them comfortable. On top of that, the office is absolutely gorgeous!!

Marybeth Campise
6 months ago
The care you receive at Dove dentistry is the best I have ever experienced. When we needed to change dentist, my husband saw an ad for Dove dentistry that claimed to be christian based. My response was, “Many businesses claim to be christian based, but I never notice a difference.” Because of the convenient location, I tried it anyways. I was wrong. This place is different. Dr. Yew and his wife are different. This is truly their ministry and it shows in how they treat you like your family and love you simply because you are a human being. Not only do you get a gifted dentist, you get a man full of integrity that is determined to shine for Jesus. I love this place!

Jon Kook
a month ago
I saw Dr Yew's lecture on new implant technology. I flew to Dallas from Las Vegas and he delivered. I received a stress-free implant that was Cat-Scan guided. It was an excellent state of the art technology that I recommend to everyone.

Viviana Kim

4 months ago
Dove dentistry is very patient oriented. The office is cozy and warm. Dove Dentistry is equipped with doctors with perfect skills and high technology needed. Dr. Yew is VERY meticulous at his work and well known for his work. Doctors with perfect skills + high tech= Amazing result!! Highly recommended!

Margie King

5 months ago
I finally have a dentist I trust who is affordable, personable and professional. The first time I called Dr. Paul Yew, was after breaking my tooth on popcorn in a movie. I called their practice and he answered the phone at the office. We made an appointment for Monday. Dr. Yew gave me his cell number so that I may call him if it became painful and he would meet me at his office. I've never experienced this kind of personal service. Yesterday, he put in two temporary crowns for me. Dr. Yew was exceptional in his attention to detail and my comfort level. Best of all, I paid about a third of the amount I expected to pay. My experience with Dr. Lisa Hsu proved her to be personable and professional as well! I would be happy to see either of them. Danielle, their assistant, is exceptional. This is truly a small practice with a family atmosphere! I'm thrilled I've found my dentist!!

Kenneth Covelli
2 months ago
My first time experience with Doctor YEW was excellent very professional and detail oriented He removed 2 of my teeth with no pain. I highly recommend his services a job well done Thank You

ishi tripathi
5 months ago
Fantastic!! Very honest, helpful dentists who clearly do what is best for the patient and treat you like family. The friendly staff makes you feel right at home. We decided that Dove Dentistry would be our family dentist after the very first visit. If you are looking for a skilled and experienced, yet honest dentist, look no further. Highly recommended to all :)

Peter K
2 months ago
Dr. Yew has been my dentist since 2008 when he practiced in NY. 
I flew down just to see him for 3 implants which he placed in less than one hour, with no stitches and no pain. 
Dr. Yew is the nicest guy and one of a kind.

Vinaya Indukur
2 months ago
Dr.Yew is awesome doc. Great facility and best of all no waiting time , very good experience!

Jim O'Connor
5 months ago
Just got THREE implants placed in less than one hour. No cutting. No Stitches. Dr. Yew engineered everything from digital scans days before the appointment. I couldn’t be happier.

Angie Babere
8 months ago
The best place ever. I went in with horrible pain from cavities, but doctor Paul didn't only help with the pain but gave me a new smile. I was amazed of how caring and detailed he was. He is the best. He did a good job for my teeth and now I can eat and chew well. Thank you Dove Dentistry. This is the best dental care place you can ever find.

Heidi Bersani
5 months ago
I've had quite a bit of work done in the past and even get anxious about visiting the dentist. Dr. Paul has eased my fears and I absolutely trust his decisions. He cares about doing what's best and explains everything along the way. I can't say enough great things about Dove Dentistry. You need to see for yourself. As for me and my family, we will never go anywhere else!

Meagan Griffin
5 months ago
Dr. Paul and staff are very friendly and spend time going through a detailed treatment plan. They use new, high-tech equipment so you can see your x-rays and pictures of your teeth while the dentist explains what he is noticing.

Eric Lim
5 months ago
Nice doctor. High tech office. They used a CT scan to map my mouth and placed an implant in less than 30 mins with no incision or stitches. Very advanced surgery!

jessica aguilar
9 months ago
I bring my 17 month old baby girl here, and i absolutely love how Dr. Paul takes care of Sophia! He is so gentle and patient with her. He shows he cares and isn't trying to rush us out the door like other places do so. My daughter had to get fillings in and we did 2 different appointments so Dr. Paul could make sure he took his time and did a great job with the help of Danielle, whish she is amazing too!! I would recommend Dr. Paul to everyone I know. He's the best dentist I've ever gone too.

Roger Chang
5 months ago
They do beautiful crowns that look so real and fits like a glove. Dr Yew pays attention to every detail, even had his Lab guy there to help me pick out a color.

Ryan Ault
8 months ago
I brought my son to Dove Dentistry because he had sores in his mouth and we were concerned about it. Dr. Yew was fantastic in looking at my son and working with us while the little one squirmed about. He gave his honest opinion that it was likely a mild reaction that didn't require medicine, just a simple home treatment. He of course told me to bring him back if the condition changed at all, but it would likely clear up on it's own.

Dr. Yew is an honest and trustworthy doctor who cares about his patients receiving the top dental care. I highly recommend him to everyone!

Derek Wulf
6 months ago
Dr. Shu and his team are by far the best I've had as dentists. They got to know my family and we like to consider ourselves more like friends and not patients. They are great at what they do, and will always make you feel comfortable.

J Cisneros
11 months ago
I highly recommend Dove Dentistry. They are AMAZING! I've always had anxiety about going to the dentist because my jaw locks if I open my mouth too wide. Thanks to the doctors and staff at Dove Dentistry they helped me to be relaxed and allowed me to take as many breaks as I need to rest my jaw during my root canal. Dr. Paul Yew is knowledgeable in unlocking the jaw and setting it back in place which was a huge relief. The procedure was explained thoroughly. They take their time with each patient and do an EXCELLENT job! They have a beautiful office and I would not go anywhere else. Thank you again Dove Dentistry you all are wonderful dentists and warm hearted people.

Henry Mortimer
4 months ago
Staff is always nice and personable as well as accommodating. Always clean, always pleasant. Family friendly, top of the line equipment, staff, and knowledge.

Jay Moon
8 months ago
Dr. Paul provides excellent care and service. He makes sure that his patients are doing well and satisfied even long after procedures are completed. His office has the newest technology and equipment. Highly recommend this practice!

Dice Nakamura
a year ago
Best dental experience I've ever had. You can immediately tell that the doctor's have the best interest for their clients. Office has state of the art technology, super clean, and uses a water filtering system that I've never seen before. The local water system, believe it or not has a lot of chemicals that the doctor's didn't want to be used on their patients so they invested into a water filtering system. How many dental offices pay attention to this detail? Very few from what I've seen over the last 20 years. They spent extra time explaining a treatment plan and the cleaning was great. I highly recommend Dove Dentistry, Dr. Hsu and Dr. Yew.

Gina G
8 months ago
Dr. Yew really cares about his clients. He is is thorough when he answers questions and he wants to make sure that his clients fully understand the services he provides. I also appreciate that Dr. Yew only wants the best for his clients by investing in the latest equipment for his practice!

j p
a year ago
I recently decided that I had been ignoring my teeth and as a consequence had a number of problems which were about to become acute. I needed to prepare myself for the future.

I drive past Dove Dentistry on my way to work. One day I received an advertisement with an offer of a Starbucks coffee for a visit.

It seemed inevitable.

They are very convenient and I like Starbucks.

When I walked in I found that they have a lovely, comfortable office and a very pleasant staff.

I agreed to an initial exam. They did not criticize the condition of my mouth, which I deserved, and quickly developed a plan of steps to maximize the health and usefulness of my remaining teeth. 

I have an unusual dental insurance plan and they were able to use it to my best advantage.

They cleaned my teeth. What a difference!

They extracted, very comfortably, several useless teeth to make room for a new denture.

They created my denture and fitted it to my mouth. I have been wearing it daily ever since. My mouth feels undressed when I take it out. It is very comfortable.

Everything has progressed as planned. No surprises.

I still have room for a couple of implants when I am ready.

In all cases they educated me on the possibilities, the consequences and the proper procedures for dealing with all of the events that occurred.

I can recommend Dove Dentistry as a quality facility, staffed with friendly dentists and staff. 

10! I trust them with my health.

Theresa P. Moon
a year ago
I highly recommend Dove Dental! Dr. Paul and Dr. Lisa are extremely professional and trustworthy. I really appreciated all their advice, thoroughness and follow up on my dental procedures. Dove Dental really takes the time to meet all your needs and cares for their patients. Their office is spotless and has advanced technology that makes your dental visits quick and easy. I live farther away but it's all worth it. I couldn't be any more happier with my experiences there!

Christy Collins

a year ago
This is definitely the dentist office I would go to everytime. The doctors are great at their job and really take the time to care for your teeth. I have never had a dentist so good at their job. Great personality. Very personable. So sincere. GO TO THIS DENTIST!

Martin PM
9 months ago
Dr. Paul is a great dentist with great detail on his work. He takes the time to explain you the procedures and gives you all the possible options available. He is a family doctor that really cares about his patients.


a year ago
My experiences with Dove Dentistry have been the best dental experiences ever. We moved to the area from another state and from a dental practice we had used for years. My husband discovered Drs. Paul and Lisa and loved them, and I followed when I experienced tooth pain. The dentists and staff, as well as the other dentists with whom they consult, are professional, humane , thorough, kind and patient. I've had the most interactions with Dr. Paul Yew, and I have been so impressed with the character and kindness of this man. 

You don't have to like the medical professionals you engage, but it's an added bonus when you do. This is a two-fer: great care and great people.

9 months ago
Dr. Paul is cool. Let me jam out to some rock music while doing 5 fillings on me. Very professional, and welcoming place that I recommend to anyone

Diary of a ginger mommy

11 months ago
The dentist for me was like going to a sketchy mechanic. You go in for an oil change and u come out thinking your car is going to blow up and you need a whole new engine. Not here at all!! Best dentist of my entire life. You get pure honesty. This is what you need now and this is what can wait. I didn't have that overwhelming omg how will I ever afford this and all my teeth are going to fall out feeling I've always had going to the dentist. I will forever be excited to go to the dentist from now on.

Frank Scorfina
6 months ago
Very professional, family friendly environment with top dentistry work. Highly recommended office to visit, they are very thorough.

Gretchen Wittenmyer
a year ago
I am so glad I found Dove Dentistry! Dr. Lisa Hsu and Dr. Paul Yew are a wonderful team! They are comfortable tag-teaming and playing to each other's strengths to ensure the best care for their patients. My twins and my autistic son each received the individual attention that they needed, including an extended period of explanations and treatment accommodations. Dove Dentistry thoughtfully schedules appointments to avoid long wait times, and their office staff is friendly and efficient. Their facilities are bright and clean, and they keep on hand a variety of albums and DVDs that are appropriate for all age ranges. I was actually disappointed that I don't have to go back for another six months! Highly recommended.

Henry Choi
10 months ago
Professional service in a beautiful office setting. Dr. Yew is a superb clinician and trusted surgeon. Thank you for making my mouth feel like a million bucks!

George Sarandev
a year ago
What a great experience. I felt amazing before, during and after the procedure. I did not feel the needle. It must be the gentle touch. I highly recommend this dental office to everyone who is liking for a dentist or a second opinion.

Robert Brock
a year ago
Dr. Paul and Dr. Lisa are both amazing dentists. They both work together as a "Killer Dental Machine". They very thoroughly explained my current dental health to me in easy to understand terms. And they made carefully thought out suggestions with options to fit my budget. The work they did far exceeded my expectations! As in any dental procedure some type of pain is generally expected but the technique Dr. Paul uses to numb his patients is amazing. I can honestly say he is one of the most pain free dentists I have ever used. And that to me is just as important as the dental work performed. The office is spotless and the staff is polite and knowledgeable. The hours they keep are awesome considering so many of us have very little time these days. Dr. Paul and his lovely wife Dr. Lisa will be my family's dentist's as long as we live in the DFW area. Couldn’t ask for a more professional staff!!!!

Garrett Chalk
a year ago
The overall experience of being at Dove Dentistry is amazing. The dentists are SUPER nice and they do everything they can to help you out anytime you need it. I just got my wisdom teeth removed there and they made it very comfortable to a point where my anxiety was gone. Highly recommend this wonderful Christian dentist office!

Molly Brown
a year ago
Never have I been treated to a dental experience like this. If you are someone who is anxious about any and all things dental, please see the skilled and caring staff at Dove Dentistry! They work with gentleness and clarity, making sure you understand exactly what procedure is being performed. They listen if something hurts, and you will never feel like "a number" here. You can see how much they care about their patients down to the water system they use for their oral hygiene stations. For a complicated implant I needed done that had gone several years between work, they even did additional consultations and managed to find the right parts for my implant though the company had been bought out long ago. I consider it a blessing to have been brought to such a genuine practice.

John U
a year ago
This is a gorgeous office with amazing facility-- super clean office, welcoming atmosphere, high technology, and the state of art equipment. The front desk lady is very friendly and greeted me as soon as I walked in. Both doctors--Dr. Lisa and Dr. Paul are very experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and friendly doctors with very gentle hands. This office uses very high quality material, even their water line filtration is double filtration system!! The staff and both doctors are really caring and honest to their patients! I love this office!! I am so glad that this office came to serve our community!

Emma Kurpis
a year ago
I have been looking for a great dentist since we moved here three years ago and I finally found one. 
Dr. Lisa is a genuinely happy person and that's so important because it's contagious. I felt very comfortable with her and her staff. Office is very clean and high tech. Down to earth people with no "foo-foo." 
I had cracked a tooth a few days ago and she got me in right away and made me a beautiful crown that looks so natural. And they gave me whitening for FREE... can't beat that.

Roger Wazoua
a year ago

My wife and I really enjoyed our visit there and were amazed at the way the staff had such a wonderful impact on our little 2-year-old boy who is still talking about going back. YEAH, A LIL BOY EXCITED ABOUT GOING BACK TO THE DENTIST.

The place is very very very clean... Wonderful and caring staff resulting to a AWESOME atmosphere. Great place for kids and family. No exorbitant charges, and yet the quality of the work is almost unbelievable.

Thank you for taking care of us, can't wait for our next visit

Sylvia Collins
a year ago
This was the best dental experience I've ever had. Dr. Paul and Dr. Lisa are FANTASTIC! I was a bit anxious about my procedure at first, but Dr. Paul explained everything he was doing step by step and he answered all my questions. I will definitely tell my family and friends about Dove Dentistry.

james warden

a year ago
We needed a dentist for my 5 year old daughter. We found Dove Dentistry and we are SO GLAD THAT WE DID.
I have never been a fan of going to the dentist, and my daughter has a fear of going to any kind of doctor. 
My daughter was a bit aprehensive at first, but both Dr. Paul & Dr. Lisa worked together to help my daughter feel at ease.
They have the best bed side manner and are so AMAZING with kids.
I would recommend that everyone who needs a dentist, give them a try. Dove Dentistry is the place for our family.

Stewart Apgar
7 months ago
Good people and great service. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist.

Ethan W
10 months ago
This is my 3rd checkup at this office. I never write reviews but I have to say besides the great service, this is the ONLY Drs office in my life where I have never waited long in the waiting room. They got me in on-time EVERY visit. Dr Paul is a genuine and humble guy who never pressured me to get that broken crown fixed. But he does shoot you straight. Thanks Dr Paul.

Danielle Ault
a year ago
Dr. Yew and Dr. Hsu are so kind and wholeheartedly care for their patients. They take the time to understand your needs and concerns; they are invested in what is best for the patient. I am excited to bring the rest of my family to the practice for their dental care! :)

Kurt Canfield

a year ago
Great experience with the Doctors at Dove Dentistry! Dr. Paul is so accommodating and takes great pride and care in his work. Come and see him and talk some 90's and 2000's NBA basketball!

Diamond S.
a year ago
Both doctors are amazing!it was the best experience i have ever had, they are very honest,trusthworthy,and comforting. I was always afraid of going to any dentist location until i came to Dove Denistry. I highly recommend anybody to come! you wont regret it and the results will be great!

Selina Hsu
2 months ago
Really good service and people!


a year ago
It's my first time going here and I can confidently say I had an awesome experiences. I've never been this excited to go to the dentist.The receptionist at the front desk was extremely nice and helpful. The doctor I came to see, Dr. Paul , came to the receptionist and welcomed me in a very generous way...My whole experience there was amazing. They had nice hospitality and excellent care! 
I would like to say Dr Paul and his wife Stay blessed.

Daniel Clark
a year ago
This is the best dentist in the area. Very competent and thorough. Office staff is nice and friendly as well. I wouldn't consider visiting another dentist.

Clarissia Jones
a year ago
I looove my new dental team. Yes, I said dental team husband and wife. They made me feel like family. Dr. Paul made sure he explained everything about my treatment plan. He made sure I understood what needed to be done, and why. Also, he's was very informative as he performed all procedures. He literally talked me through everything he was doing as he did it. I will NEVER let anyone else touch my teeth. Oh, lastly you haven't had your teeth cleaned until you've had them cleaned by Dr. Lisa She's the best. She's also very informative. I love this place. You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you were to visit another dental office. Did I mention they use top of the line dental products and filtered water. I could go on and on as to why this was my best experience, but there's not enough time in the day. Please, call and make your appointment today.

jamie rubin
a year ago
Best experience I've ever had at the dentist. Everyone at this office is caring and nice. I would highly recommend$

Ali Seyfi
a year ago
Amazing. First of all I was in severe pain and Dr. Paul made arrangements to see me immediately and pulled my wisdom teeth that day. Excellent doctors, all state of the art equipment, and very professional work all at such a reasonable price! Referred them to my own mom who got a few crowns and bridges and is satisfied. I am more than pleased with everyone at Dove Dentistry and I have found my new dentist office for the next 30 years

Lisa Hendrix
11 months ago
Great service! Took the time needed to provide me with a plan that worked for me and explained all options. They cared for my issues and were very professional.

Nichole Hitchcock

a year ago
This practice is wonderful. Professional, efficient, skilled as well as accommodating and the staff is very friendly. If anyone is looking for a dentist, I would highly recommend Dove Dentistry.

Nidhi Sharma
a year ago
Dr Paul is highly competent , hard working and very polite . I went to him for root canal . He did it like an endodontics . I had to travel so he came all the way on memorial day holiday to give me the treatment . Thank you Dr Paul for your treatment !!!

Lex Ris
a year ago
I'm COMPLETELY happy with their service!!! A clean, beautiful facility with very helpful, accommodating staff.They use only the best to have you looking & feeling your best, I truly appreciate that. I was surprised that they double filter their water before introducing it to their patients. That's awesome & says a lot about how they do business & the care they have for their patients. Both doctors are highly competent & genuinely polite & caring. I know I've found my forever dentists haha. Thanks guys!

Andrew Yu
a year ago
Best office I've ever been to! Dr. Paul and Dr. Lisa are both very professional and very thorough. They explained and worked with me on my dental plan and now I am set for the foreseeable future. The staff is great also!

Donald nickman
a year ago
Honestly best dentist ive ever had. Dr.Paul is a great friendly guy who seems to know more about his profession than the average dentist. I would rate him and his team more than 5 stars if I could.

10 months ago
GREAT Dentist office!! Very knowledgable and professional. Highly recommend!!!

Danny Chung
a year ago
Awesome dentist! There are honestly very few dentists out there who show the kind of quality dental work and who take pride in their work as Dr. Yew. He goes out of his way to ensure that every patient is professionally and outstandingly taken care of by not just himself but also by his staff. I highly recommend Dr. Yew, you wont find any other dentist like him in Texas!

Howard Jenkins
a year ago
I have known Dr. Paul Yew and Dr. Lisa Hsu for several years and they are Truely Honest and Caring as well as Professional!
I entrust my Children in their care and I recommend Paul and Lisa to all my Family and Friends!
Thanks Paul and Lisa for all you do!

DeVin Dixon
a year ago
A wonderful place, very clean and up to date. They only use the top of the line equipment, to ensure the best work. You feel like family by the end of the visit, they take the time to get to know you and the paitents time is what they value most. They do great work and I would recommend them!

Gershom Kim
a year ago
Hard working competent dentistry with a touch of love for the patient care. Recommending everyone to check this place out!

Jennifer Mankowski

a year ago
Absolutely the best dental experience I have ever had! So glad I finally found a awesome denist.

Shaun Cobb
a year ago
Great office! Everyone is very friendly and the office feels like I'm walking into my own home! I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Alyssa Roche
a year ago
Absolutely amazing! The office is very nice and clean! Dr. Yew and Dr. Hsu are truly the most caring, sincere and kind hearted people I have ever met. They care about their patient's overall wellbeing not just their teeth! Dr. Yew talks you through every step that he is doing and makes you feel at ease throughout the procedure. I have always been terrified of the dentist but I know that with Dr. Yew that I am in good hands and I no longer have that fear. I would definitely recommend Dove Dentistry! They are the best!

Rudy Bersani
a year ago
Fantastic! Very friendly and they do amazing work! You will feel cared for and appreciated as a patient. 
Highly recommended

ali baranifard
a year ago
Dove Dentistry is so nice. I had a great experience from top to bottom.
Dr Yew has been my dentist for 4 years near Fort Worth, and i was devastated when he left to start his own practice. but i tracked him down and make the 40 mile drive to see him in Allen. its totally worth the trip because Dr Yew and Dr Hsu are the ONLY dentists that i TRUST.

Victoria Oh
a year ago
The doctors at Dove are really nice and sincere. I've been scared of getting shots ever since I was little but Dr. Hsu was so gentle and relaxing. Then, I was extremely nervous and scared about getting my wisdom teeth taken out, but Dr. Yew did such an amazing job from start to finish. They really helped me get over my life-long phobia of dental offices. I'm so thankful.

Meaghan Norlander
a year ago
Extremely knowledgeable, gentle, and patient focused, the Dentists treat you as if you are family and wiped away all of my long-held dental phobias during my first visit. I have been telling everyone about them as I am sure I have the best Dentists in all of Texas.

Mike Blbie
a year ago
Awesome experience and loved the insights on what my dental needs were and how they would be resolved.

Jorge Padilla
a year ago
Amazing and very professional that I've meet in some time now, well trusted with the service provided

jason doby
a year ago
DR Lisa and Dr. paul were great very caring and listened and really was in touch with their patients. great experience highly reccommend them to everybody. thanks Jason D

Amit Patel
a year ago
They are very kind, sincere and patient. They have clean facilities and cared very much about my time. 
I was referred by my parents, who referred my sister, who referred me. I live in Euless and made the drive out bc I had a not-so-good experience elsewhere. 
It was worth it. I very much recommend.

Thomas Allen
a year ago
very clean. very polite. very reasonably priced. 
best thing for us though is the fact that there are two doctors, one male and one female. 
my wife only likes to see female dentists. and i only like to see guy docs. 
we used to go to different offices for this reason but now we dont have to. 
i also like the fact that these doctors are the owners which reduces the likelihood of staff turnover. we wanna see the same doc and not start over with someone new (like alot of corporate dental offices). 
highly recommend. 

Jeremy Boudreaux
10 months ago
Paul is a great guy, top notch facility and staff.

Karla D
a year ago
Very nice doctor, felt his exam was very accurate and honest. I definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Thomasena Hurst

a year ago
Dove Dentistry is a new and upcoming practice with great potential. The atmosphere is relaxing & modern. Dr. Yew & Dr. Hsu are both great dentists and always treat their patient's with respect & care. Their patients always leave with a smile.

isaiah cook
a year ago
Very affordable and "In-network", but "out-of-network" feel. Very efficient. They got me in on-time and got me out on time. Highly recommend !

a year ago
Dove is AWESOME. 
As soon as you walk in there is a calming atmosphere, almost like a spa. Relaxing music, nice "forest" mural. I appreciate the water filtration system, knowing all the water going in my mouth in crytal clear and purified. Dr Yew came out and explained how it worked. 
And let me tell you, Dr Yew knows his stuff. He patiently explained and answered every question i had about my mouth and didnt rush me, despite having other patients waiting and Dr Hsu was great with my three daughters who LOVE her. they actually asked me when they can go back to see her.

a year ago
AWSOME place!! and they were really professional
All I can tell is this dentistry is probably the best one

Shaun Hernandez
a year ago
Excellent, knowledgable and welcoming staff. The facility is exceptionally clean, the service was top notch, and Dr. Paul was great with my family.

Arnold Oyieke

a year ago
Great Experience, the Doctors were thorough, took time checking me up and explaining to me what was going on with my teeth before embarking on giving me a treatment that left me completely content

Rangel Quality Air Conditiong, Inc.
a year ago
Awesome!! I definitely recommend Dr. Yew at Dove Dentistry!

Eric Chung
10 months ago
Great dentists!

Eddie Esparza
in the last week
(Translated by Google) Excelent dentist, excelent place and excelent staff. 100% recommended. Very good work of excelent quality

Doctor excellent, excellent facilities and the staff very well. 100% recommended!! They do very good work and great quality!

(Original) Excelent dentist, excelent place and excelent personal. 100% recommended. Very good work of excelent quality

Excelente Doctor, Excelentes instalaciones y todo el personal muy bien. 100% recomendado!! Hacen muy buen trabajo y de magnifica calidad!

My wife and I really enjoyed our visit there and were amazed at the way the staff had such a wonderful impact on our little 2-year-old boy who is still talking about going back. YEAH, A LIL BOY EXCITED ABOUT GOING BACK TO THE DENTIST.

The place is very very very clean... Wonderful and caring staff resulting to a AWESOME atmosphere. Great place for kids and family. No exorbitant charges, and yet the quality of the work is almost unbelievable.

Thank you for taking care of us, can't wait for our next visit

The office staff are very professional and very nice. Dr Yew is very informative, kind and spent a great deal of time making sure I understood my dental issues, choices and ramifications of the various choices in terms I can understand. I had never in all my years had a dentist do this. His office is extremely clean, and well equipped, a 5 star experience!

P. Simmons

Everything about Dove Dentistry is wonderful! This was by far the best experience I've ever had going to the dentist. Everyone is so friendly and was always making sure I was comfortable. Dr. Yew and his staff are so incredibly nice. I'll definitely be coming back with my family! Highly recommend!

Whitney C.

Best dentist I’ve ever seen. He made sure I felt comfortable while pregnant and gave me so many helpful tips on how to prevent underbites and issues with teeth development for kids, so helpful to know this information! I really appreciated how he spent the time to explain all details about our teeth health and history giving us so much useful knowledge. Dr Yew is enthusiastic and caring and I will be bringing my future son to see him. Him and his team are such a blessing!

Jennifer D.

I've been terrified to go to the dentist since my last experience at another company. My wisdom tooth had been bothering me so badly I couldn't wait why longer. Although apprehensive, Dr. Yew was very honest and helpful in going over the options with me. I will be recommending Dove dentistry to all of my friends and family and I will definitely be back. Thanks to all of you for making my experience trauma free.

Jessica E.

Dr. Yew, and his staff Carrie, Amelinda and Denise are beyond amazing. They made me feel welcomed, and wanted to get to know me and my history with previous dentist and hygienist treatments. Dr. Yew took the time to explain to me in detail his thoughts on how to proceed with my treatment. He didn't try to upsell me on uncessary treatment. I'm more than happy with my first visit and will continue to return to Dove Dentistry.

Fredie P.

I have a large family and my wife and kids have been visiting Dr Yew for several years now. He has a beautiful office, friendly staff, and the cleanings are always quick and painless.

A couple of things really stand out to me regarding Dr Yew.

1) - no matter how busy the office is, he always finds time to check in, ask about the family, my interests, etc. Dr Yew is a genuinely good man.

2) - I sincerely appreciate how candid he is about the work that should, or should not be performed. I have never felt that he's recommended any work be done without a thorough explanation of why now or why later.

I've had many dentist over the years. All have been good or we wouldn't see them again. Since moving to Allen 5 years Dr Yew has been our one and only dentist. We feel lucky to have found him. Without doubt he's the best of the best.

Max V.