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When it comes to fixing oral health problems like tooth decay, all patients want to make sure that their newly-treated smiles look healthy and natural.

At our Allen, TX cosmetic dental office, our goal is to give you a healthy smile that supports your cosmetic goals and oral function, which is why we’re proud to offer all-ceramic dental crowns from E-Max.

What Makes E-Max Crowns Different?

Allen-TX-Dentistry-McKinney-Porcelain-CrownWith advances in materials and bonding agents, porcelain crowns are even stronger than they were before. E-max dental crowns are specially designed, from lithium discilicate, to be durable and support full biting and chewing force, while lasting for years with proper care. E-max crowns are also biocompatible, meaning they won’t irritate soft tissue or cause other unwanted side-effects.

In addition to its strength, porcelain is a preferred material for cosmetic and restorative dentistry because of how similar it looks to your natural dental enamel. When you get an all-porcelain E-Max dental crown from Dove Dentistry, you can be sure that your new tooth or teeth will look as close to your surrounding teeth as possible.

The Cosmetic Benefit of All-Porcelain Restorations

For decades, traditional dental crowns had a metal base and a tooth-colored outer shell and were typically given to patients with damaged teeth.  These restorations were strong and were the standard recommended method for treating tooth decay. However, these metal-and-porcelain crowns produce cosmetic problems over time. With updates in restorative materials and bonding methods, metal crowns are no longer your only option for long-lasting and strong treatment.

Drs. Hsu and Yew prefer porcelain crowns for the following reasons:

  • Longevity – With proper care, your durable all-porcelain dental crown will last for years.
  • Natural Appearance - Porcelain crowns look more like your natural teeth and contain no metal components.
  • Better Aging - As they begin to age, metal crowns show a black line at the base of your gums and look unnatural. Porcelain crowns will still look like real dental enamel from the day they’re applied to years later.

Our dedication to providing you with top-of-the-line treatment means providing dental restorations that are on the cutting-edge of modern and effective care. Restorations with E-max crowns allow our patients to enjoy life-like, natural-looking results.

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If you have a flawed or decayed tooth, we can restore your smile to its original beauty and strength. Contact Dove Dentistry today for more information on our tooth-colored, all-porcelain E-max dental crowns.



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